CITYMAGAZINE.RS #156: the interview




OD 15. MAJA DO 18. JUNA 2017

News from my interview to City Magazine Belgrade!!! I just want to inform that the interview is printed and the new edition of City magazine is out!

here is no online version of it yet

So, this way I hope that you can read it!!!

It is a good interview, very spontaneous and factual. It is about how I came to Beograd to arrange the exhibition “Paper against Cement” guest in Galerija ŠTAB like side event to 3rd International Printmaking Triennial of Beograd 2017, about my experience with serbian artist, about my studens and also Marina Abramovic (…and they are not forgotten to mention Marina Guarneri too). About what is my favourite medium in art and my most important work of art yet. The last part is about my new project with Academy of Brera and the city of Milano, and my new works.

And can not miss, this is sure you can look, a reproduction of my work naked self portrait…. for a man in a interview as well!!!

Thanks to Ivan Suletic

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