Mirror – face to face to Qu.Bi in Vicenza


The evening of June 29 finally the inauguration of Mirror – Face to Face, the Italian-Estonian graphic Art Project in the Italian location.
The Art Project of exhibition of graphic Art make the differences from a traditional show of graphics works to a Contemporary event of art, supported by a vision of the world opened to a rich comparison. All this continues a series of exhibition open to the international exchange curated by Valeria Bertesina, the project leader.

In the catalog the curator and project leader Valeria Bertesina text in the wonderfull catalog edith by Qu.Bi media: “Printmaking has been released from those features that made it a well defined field in art: paper support, limited edition, handmade printing techniques… Although paper is always the main material used, computer and technological innovation have joined the tradition and enriched the techniques, obtaining hybrid outcomes. It is an art making process that goes beyond the traditional limits and rules, which usually determined the creative procedures”.

Inga Heamägi, President of Association of Estonian Printmakers and curator of the exhibition remember in the catalog the estonians event: “On april 17th 2017 we opened Mirror – Face to Face, the Italian-Estonian graphic Art Project in the National Library of Estonia. Twenty-one Estonian artist and thirty-one Italian artist showed their artworks to the local and international public in order to compare vision, themes and their different techniques, and to see how inspiration crosses time and places”.

14 april – 6 May 2017 to National Library of Estonia (Tallin) http://www.veneziaartmagazine.it/?p=3745
29 june – 16 July 2017 to Qu.Bi Gallery – Vicenza, Italy https://www.facebook.com/mirrorfacetoface/


Alessandra Angelini, Alberto Balletti, Valeria Bertesina, Sergio Bigolin, Nedda Bonini, Maria Rosanna Cafolla, Virginia Dal Magro, Valentino De Nardo, Paolo Dolzan, Marcello Frammetta, Giulia Gentilcore, Veronica Longo, Raffaello Marghera, Margherita Michelozzo, Massimiliano Milia, Maurizio Muolo, Giovanbattista Nitti, Susy Piazza, Irene Podgornik Dadia, Valeria Prestigiacomo, Alice Russo, Daniela Savini, Irene Sciolti, Eleonora Spada, Lucio Statti, Marco Trentin, Debora Triscari, Marina Vidali, Giuseppe Vigolo, Marta Viviani, Vincenzo Zancana

Britta Benno, Neve Eesmaa, Gudrun Heamagi, Inga Heamagi, Paul Illimar, Kalli Kalde, Kaija Kesa, Jarvila Kulliri, Ruben Lembe, Harry Leppanen, Raul Meel, Enno Ootsing, Tauno Ostra, Lilli Repeat, Reti Saks, Krista Simson, Bob Sparham, Merike Sule, Evi Viires-Tihemets, Kellj Walk

photostory by Marco Trentin

Valeria Bertesina