Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop – 5th International Juried Print Exhibition


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5th International Juried Print Exhibition

Winner of the 5th Annual Print Exhibition, 2017:
Lihie Talmor, Israel

2017 Winner! Lihie Talmor FROM THE SERIES: SERREFUGIO (Being-refuge) Two Photo etching, aquatint, dry point, two color plates
Honorable mentions:

Larina Meade, Maine

David Curcio, Massachusetts

Nanette Wallace, Oregon
Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop, located in Albuquerque, New Mexico, is one of the best completely non-toxic printmaking facilities in the country. The award-winning studio have access to printmaking equipment and year-round classes in a great range of techniques.
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Remarque/New Grounds Print Workshop – 3812 Central Avenue SE, Suite 100B Albuquerque, NM 87108
here the selected work of Alberto Balletti:

Alberto Balletti, “stun Glow (m)”. Etching and color stencil, 50 x 35 cm