Заповядайте на откриването: 7th International Print Art Triennial – Sofia 2014



The 7th International Print Art Triennial

will be open in all the exhibition halls of the Gallery of the UBA

Sofia, Shipka 6 Str.

10 – 30 november 2014

Organizer: Union of Bulgarian Artists – Print art and Illustration section

Заповядайте на откриването!
10.11.2014г. (понеделник)
Галерия „Шипка 6“
18.00 часа


The International Print Art Triennial is a forum for presenting the current tendencies and achievements in the development of the contemporary print art.

The Triennial is creating a fund from works of art by Bulgarian and foreign artists. They will serve as a base to found a Museum of the International Triennial of Print Art – Sofia and will be shown at exhibitions in the country and abroad. The graphic fund is consisted by donations of prints from the Triennial of each edition

„Print art” section of the Union of Bulgarian Artist is chosen from the other organizers to conserve this fund until the Museum of the International Print Art Triennial is open

Organizer: Union of Bulgarian Artists, „Print art and Illustration” section

With the cooperation of the Ministry of Culture of Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia Municipality, State Cultural Institute of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria