Guglielmo Alfarone

at TACHE’ Gallery

02 June at 6pm – 02 July at 6pm
Free event
Chelsea, New York, 10001
547 W 27 Street | No. 602

contact .3474537903

Difficulty to express own opinion, own necessity; a sort of aphasia  which seems as apparent indifference.
Weakness is the hesitation of impose them self, as long as halting portraits and perplexed figures show uncertainty through disappointment and disillusion.

Mauro, 60 x 90 cm, on canvas

I investigate my own background and my search draws the observer in, shakes them, and screams at them through the use of massive dimensions as well as demanding subjects.
The large-scale calls for rage, with the figures portrayed staring intensely. That is, each subject is deeply engaged with the own history, present but at the same time detached. The young faces depicted embrace several feelings, such as boredom, arrogance, frailness, fear or mere indifference; through these emotions the characters affirm their genuine presence (their Da-Sein) only in the present moment since they have no yesterday and no tomorrow – no drive nor ambition. It could also be said that these young characters spring a terrific lucidity, which make their existence sort of insolent. They are the youth of a disenchanted world, proudly brandishing their own disillusions to a distressed observer.

Ethereal, 95 x145 cm, on canvas

Guglielmo Alfarone first solo exhibition in New York. The Italian artist has participated in national and international exhibitions since the age of 17.  Among others, his work has been displayed at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome and the Ca Pesaro Museum of Modern Art in Venice and he has taken part at the Venice Art Biennale. Furthermore, in 2008, he performed one of his «live paintings» in the gardens of the Guggenheim Museum of Venice.  He has won several major Italian and European awards for his engravings and despite his young age, his works already form part of renowned public collections such as the Istanbul Museum of Graphic Arts and the Museum Foundation Cominelli in Italy, as well as appearing in the private collections of his patrons.  After graduating with a MA from the Venice Academy of Fine Arts in 2008, he chose to further develop his work in London where he had the solo exhibition “Cold” on 2010.