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Archivio per categoria works 2010/17

link to posts about series “dog’s life” 2016 and junk Opposite 2014/17

Archivio per categoria works 2000/10

link to posts about anatomic visions of the series ExPosto 2009, works series attrezzeria 2006, the series Scatole di carne 2000/04 and other

Archivio per categoria Balletti&Mercandelli 92/04

link to posts about photostory of digital photos and arrangemente by the duo Alberto Balletti and Mauro mercandelli, from 1992 until 2004

Archivio per categoria youth works

link to posts about photostory works of the youth period: paintings 1989/90 and Panopticum 1991/92



Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera

teaching in Brera

Tecniche dell’Incisione calcografica/ETCHING in Brera 

students prints 2014/17


De Portesio