Elisa Bertaglia e Gabriele Grones a New York: Join The Underground presentato dalla ESK FF



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A two-day pop-up exhibition featuring our 2016 Spring Residents
Celebrating their work produced during the ESKFF Residency Program. The following artists have collaborated in composing a group show of finished works:
Gabriele Grones / Elisa Bertaglia / Klimentina Jauleska Vasilev / Miryana Todorova / Joaquin Goldstein / Antoni Maznevski
 Undercurrent Projects Gallery
215 East 5th Street – New York, NY 10003
Opening reception Saturday, June 11 6-9PM
Closing reception Sunday, June 12 6-9PM
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ESKFF is proud to present “Join the Underground”, a group exhibition which is composed of selected works from six artists at the Martin and Lorraine Studio Program in Mana Contemporary. The Spring 2016 artists in residence were chosen for their unique visions and formulated an ensemble of eclectic artists from Italy, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Germany, and Argentina.


Elisa Bertaglia and Gabriele Grones are both born in Italy and studied at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. The two have taken off different directions in their practices. Grones’ approach to painting includes realistic portraits and compositions with details from nature, with metaphysical atmosphere, pulling out elements from experience to create a dialogue.

Bertaglia’s practice revolves around her investigations on big and small paintings and drawings on paper. She works around a centralized theme of metamorphosis and passages from childhood and adulthood.  During her residency she developed her “Grass Project” in connection with American Literature.


Klimentina Jauleska Vasilev’s “current body of work explores the threshold between digital and material realities by merging 2D and 3D spaces together. At ESKFF, she showcased a process based on material and hybrids of work between sculptural paintings.

Miryana Todorova works in multi-disciplines and her projects combine painting and performance, objects and wearables, structures and services that question politics of public space that we occupy and perceive. At Join the Underground, and during her residency at ESKFF residency, Miryana focused on making paintings and works on paper about possible encounters between bodies and movable architecture.

Joaquin Goldstein’s new body of work explores glitches in the video game Call of Duty and conceptualizes the glitch in the virtual world and reconfigures it into a painting. His work is a combination of installation and painting.

Antoni Maznevski’s work revolves around the fibers, colors, and lines of yarn. During his residency at ESKFF, he managed to create a body of work that uses yarn as a form of drawing on stretched canvas, print, or installation.

Join the Underground is a two day pop-up exhibition at the Undercurrent Project Gallery in conjunction with the ESKFF residency program. For more information contact info@eskff.com

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