Zuecca Project Space presents Rirkrit Tiravanija


untitled 2012 (a study for Karl’s perfect day) or (the  incomparable Karl Holmqvist)

curated by  Maurizio Bortolotti

coordinated by  Alessandro Possati

in collaboration with  Pilar Corrias Gallery

August 28th –  October 5th, 2012

OPEN DAILY  10 am- 6 pm

Zuecca Project Space (an exhibition center for contemporary art by The BAUERs group), during the 13th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennial, continues its cultural programme with a world premiere of the project by Thai artist Rirkrit Tiravanija.

Rirkrit Tiravanija (1961) is one of the most well known and charismatic figures of his generation of artists and has received international acclaim. In recent times, he has developed a parallel interest in film and filmmaking as a means to capture the essential reality of the world around us. Tiravanija participated in the Venice Film Festival 2011 in the section «Horizons» with the feature film Lung Neaw Visits his Neighbour and returns to the lagoon city to present this new project dedicated to Karl Holmqvist.

“As often happens in the work of the ‘Rirkrit Tiravanija’, what interests him is not the art in itself, but the life that unfolds around and out of it. Choosing as the main character of his latest film the artist Karl Holmqvist whose work spans across performance, poetry and fine art, helps shows how Tiravanija blurs the boundaries between life and art. Karl Holmqvist is filmed as an example of a single life: he is the image of an artist that is regenerated through the use of speech and that makes his performance the perfect synthesis of life and art,” –Maurizio Bortolotti

An eccentric figure in the contemporary art scene, Holmquist (1964, lives in Berlin), has attracted the attention of Rirkrit Tiravanija for his artistic work that focuses on reacting to a place, situation or specific area through the creation of books, wallpaper, lamps, video and objects. The modalities of development of the work of Holmqvist often suggest the creation of improvised communities formed around the reading of his poems or the making of his performances. The premier of Tiravanija’s work will be held in Zuecca Project Space, The Zuecca Room is an integral part of the former Palladian convent of the Zitelle which was renovated to the highest standards and attention to detail. Francesca Bortolotto Possati (Group President and CEO) transformed the building into the ‘Bauer Palladio Hotel & Spa’.

The exhibition (curated by Maurizio Bortolotti and coordinated by the Zuecca Project Space director Alessandro Possati) takes its title from the film of the same name. Tiravanija’s new work will premier in conjunction with the opening of the Venice Film Festival. The exhibition will run to the 5th October 2012.br/>Artistic director Alessandro Possati (born in Venice) has worked within contemporary art for many years. Possati’s aim is to facilitate collaborations with renowned international artists to present new works and projects within the setting of this unique space within a city renowned for its strong links to both art, architecture and film.

“The Bauer Group has been investing in cultural events linked to the city of Venice and collaborating with Venetian institutions to raise the level of the tourism for the lagoon city. At the Giudecca, in particular, an operation is progressing and aiming to transform the island, still genuinely Venetian and far from exploitation and mass tourism. The contemporary art galleries located along the foundations, the House of Tre Oci, and Zuecca, are the tangible signs of a transformation taking place, that we, as The Bauers want to be leaders of,” – Alessandro Possati.